Characteristics of Our Compan

We are the first flash mob agency company in Japan, boasting experience
with the most number of events held.
Flashmob JAPAN is the first flash mob operating and planning agency company
in Japan. Previously, you were required to look for a location, gather
members, plan, practice, and execute on your own, but our company will
perform all of that on behalf of customers.
In addition, our company provides overwhelmingly high quality flash mobs,
and to date we have conducted 209 events. ※Currently, as of November 2,
We deal with a wide array of situations such as proposals (flash mob
marriage proposals), wedding entertainment, after wedding parties,
birthdays, and corporate events.
We have received much coverage on the television, radio, magazines, and if
you are searching for an agency company that you can trust, please give us,
Flashmob Japan, a try.

We have received accolades not only from individual customers, but as well
as from several corporate customers.
Many television programs and corporations are users of our company’s flash

Staging surprise performances, with priority placed on the satisfaction of
requesters and viewers.
Traditionally, flash mobs are enjoyed by those who actually sing, play
musical instruments, and dance, for the purpose of self satisfaction, but
our company is different.
We put on surprise performances for the enjoyment of our customers
requesting our services and the audience.
These are flash mobs that cannot be easily performed just by anyone, and we
provide a serious form of surprise entertainment produced by professionals.

High Qualify Flash Mobs that Cannot Be Mimicked By Amateurs
We stage high quality flash mobs, selecting dancers out of our company’s
pool of over 500 dancers each time, in order to meet our customer’s
We deal with various dance genres, such as hip hop, jazz, ballet and social

We Can Stage Flash Mobs with Professional Singers and Instrumentalists.
Flash mobs are famous for their dancing, but our company not only puts on
dance performances, but we can produce flash mobs with professional singers
and instrumentalists.
We can propose and conduct performances according to our customer’s
For costs, fees, process flows, and how to submit a request, please feel
free to contact us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Are you worried about the costs and contents of flash mobs for your
important marriage proposal, wedding, or corporate event? Our company
offers free consultation and estimates, so please do not hesitate to
contact us. Our specialized and thoughtful staff will be more than glad to
assist you.

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