We have a lot of Flashmob ideas about Surprise Proposal

The video which Flashmob Japan carried out and made.

It is the surprise proposal of marriage animation carried out by being at Osaka Station "open space of space-time" on September 9, 2014. The female singer live was set up and impression production was devised to Ms. her who came to see the live and who knows nothing.

To her 's and come everyone to travel to Japan . Why not be a surprise marriage proposal in the middle of the trip? We will help the marriage proposal of excitement in the flash mob is . Corresponding region in Tokyo , Osaka , Sapporo , Kyoto , Nagoya , Hiroshima , Fukuoka , is such as Japan corresponding Okinawa.

Flashmob JAPAN is the first company in Japan

Flashmob JAPAN is the first company in Japan to start a flash mob agency business.Flashmob JAPAN is not simply the first flash mob agency company in Japan, but we have the No. 1 track record in Japan, covering the entire country of Japan and foreign countries.

Until now, the various tasks you had to take care of on your own, such as finding locations, gathering members, music selection, choreography of dance moves, and arranging a surprise performance, will be handled by our company.

Upon listening to our customer’s requests, we develop proposals, select music, conduct planning, stage the performance, and choreograph dance moves. For individual customers, we offer surprise proposals (flash mob marriage proposals), wedding entertainment, after wedding parties, birthdays, parties and surprise events.

For our corporate customers, we can be utilized for guerrilla events and corporate advertisements. We handle requests from both individuals and corporations. Also, not only do we offer dancing, but we are also capable of giving surprises with songs and musical instruments.

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